Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My Decision to Start a Blog

As I was finishing my end-of-school work for the forty-fifth time, I made a decision. No, I am not ready to completely retire, but it is time for me start blogging!  I have seen many things change in education since I entered first grade in 1952.  I have also seen many ideas and "innovations" come full circle resulting in little real change. I have listened to several generations of teachers and parents complain about the younger generation's bad attitudes and disregard for education. I have watched several generations of "typical" teenagers grow up to become productive members of society and effective parents. This blog will be my chance to state my observations about the state of education, discuss those who influenced me, and share some memories of my years in the classroom...both as a student and as a teacher.
Yearbook Pictures from 1968 and 2013

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